Wednesday, January 11, 2017

9 Best Job Consultancies in Sweden


There are so many employment agencies and consultancies providing jobs and training for job seekers around the Sweden. 

Here I am giving the list of top 9 job consultancies in Sweden for English speaking job seekers.

1)  Arbetsförmedlingen: is a non-profit government employment agency, which helps the job seekers to find perfect job with their skills and experiences. And Arbetsförmedlingen will also provide training for job seekers. Arbetsförmedlingen located around the Sweden nearly in 280 locations. Their website link:

2)  AcademicWork: will help recent graduates and who are early in the career. This consultancy mostly focus on young and talented people in different departments. AcadamicWork have offices all major cities in Sweden. They also posting number of jobs on their website. 

3)  StepStone: is one of the internationally recognized job consultancy. This consultancy works with small and big companies in all industries. On their website, you can also find different job postings.

4)  Wise Professionals: Wise professional’s recruitment agency that designs, develops and provides sustainable recruitment solutions. They have offices Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö. But they work all around the Nordic countries. Here is the website

5)  StudentConsulting: There is another job providing agency which continuously looks for recent graduates and students who are willing to work extra in holidays. They have offices around the Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Please look at their website for more information here:

6)  Bohmans Nätverk: is aiming to recruit executives and key employees for organizations. They mostly concentrate on IT field, Sales and Marketing fields jobs. Here is the website

7)  Poolia: providing business and organizations with new employees from 1989. Their long experience in this employment sector, that they can really help you in finding good job. Poolia is one of the leading job consultancy in Sweden, Finland and Germany. The service areas of recruitment and hiring are turn divided into number of areas: Finance, IT, Office, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Life science and Engineering, Payroll, and Legal. Here is the Poolia website:

8)  StockholmHeadHunting: is Stockholm based job consultancy, which help organizations find best talents in especially Tech sector. If you are searching jobs in IT, Software or Engineering field this is one of the best job hunting websites. They also concentrate on foreign background talented people. Please look at their website here:   

9)  Hudson: Hudson is a premier destination for skilled and experienced candidates. They hire more experienced people and strong specialised expertise. This agency searching talents people in Industrial & Manufacturing, FMCG, Media, IT & Telecom, Automotive, and Pharma &Life science. Here is the link for their website

I believe, the above information will help you in finding better job in your area of expertise. I will also update this post, whenever I found some good and best job consultancy in Sweden. If you know some other consultancies in Sweden, please share in comments.

All the Best for your job searching!!!!!!!!